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The series "BIG LITTLE SCREENS" about media – films, advertisements, computer games, social networks, television, multimedia journalism – and their impact on the world of young people is broadcasted on the LRTU "Youtube" channel. The episodes are dedicated to youth, educators, and all others interested in modern media.

The lessons were created and their texts were prepared by a team of professionals in their respective fields: digital marketing strategist Tomas Nemura, animation director Eglė Davidavičė, representative of documentary photography and journalist Artūras Morozovas, film director and lecturer at "Vilnius Tech" Akvilė Gelažiūtė, and technical director and co-founder of the game development studio "Tag of Joy" Dr. Žilvinas Ledas.

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How to stay true to yourself? | The influence of media
Are we just commodities? | Social media
Are we all gamers? | Video games
What do movies do to us? | Cinema
Fake news – EVERYWHERE? | Multimedia journalism
You say you don't watch TV? Really? | Television
Why is it so annoying? | Advertisment
Can you deceive an algorithm? | Media and algorithms

Project coordinator
Kotryna Kraynaitė

Project manager
Dovilė Alėbaitė

A. Goštauto g. 2, Vilnius

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